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The Process

For professional Organizing

Step One: Consultation

Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation to virtually walk through your space to chat about your needs, what you feel isn’t working, goals and what you’d like to accomplish, etc. Please don’t tidy up before I come. It’s best to see what your everyday challenges are like. Don’t worry; it’s a confidential and judgment-free zone.

Step Two:

Edit and Organize

Sort items to only those you need and love. You have control over what stays and what goes. Once the editing step is completed, I'll identify and establish simple systems, and organize your space for maximum function and efficiency to compliment your lifestyle. 

Step Three:

Home Styling

Your home should be a reflection of your authentic self and a collection of the things you love. I will enhance your space by featuring your favorite items to create an environment that is peaceful and reflects your personality.

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