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Room Makeovers, Styling Vacation Homes, Seasonal Decorating & Teardown:

Design can be a fun, simple, and affordable experience. Your home should be filled with your favorite things and photos, personality, warmth and be unique to your story, causing you to smile from ear to ear.


Beautiful design can be a mix of new and old, "investment" pieces, and perhaps inexpensive finds from Amazon, Marketplace or Craigslist. Let's also explore what you already own. You may have fantastic pieces in your possession that can be used in a new space, upcycled, or in a different manner altogether. I don’t mark up the pieces I select for your project … I find, you purchase. My goal will always be to come in under budget and on time.

Do you own a vacation property or rent a space in your home? Design is most definitely for you! Not only does price influence decision makers, but the visual impact matters more. Does your space look uncluttered, updated, calm, and comfortable? When I book travel via Airbnb or any other site, only those properties fitting these characteristics will earn my dollars. In fact, I'll pay MORE if the space is updated, organized, and is designed beautifully. And after guests leave your property, you want them to feel like that was money well-spent, meaning they will tell others and your investment dollars will grow.

Holiday Decorating. Do you love it or loathe it? Would having someone handle your seasonal decorating and teardown make the season feel less stressful? You may even wish for me to edit and organize at teardown to condense what you have, freeing up valuable storage space. Let's chat about the possibilities.

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Ready? Consider the following as you prepare:

Likes and Dislikes?

Create a list of likes and dislikes. What are your color preferences? Kid and/or pet friendly? Do you entertain? Do you host out of town guests?

What's your budget?

Do you have a budget set? Consider accessories, furniture, paint, lighting, etc plus design fee. Knowing what you’re willing to spend is essential, and I’ll give you an idea of what we can accomplish within that criteria.

Is everyone on the same page?

Are all decision makers on board to move forward? I will move as quickly as you allow.

What's your Style?

Are you unsure of what your style is? That's okay! Direction will evolve during your consultation.



90 Minute Consultation: $150

Upon hiring, a retainer is collected based on your needs and budget. $75/hr. Billable hours include meetings & communication, design, shopping, online sourcing, and styling.

Are you long-distance? Virtual design is also an option.

Contact me for details.

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