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The Designed Space

Professional Organizing and Home Design


“WE ARE LOVING OUR NEW LOOK!!!!!! It's so peaceful and calm! Thank you soooooo much!!!”

- A. D. in Germantown

“I’m an older mama, homeschooled my children and had a business in the home. I have five teenagers and issues with illness; so cleaning and managing “things”  piled up. I was always frustrated and felt it was just a lack of planning and editing. I recently lost my husband, and that’s when I knew this was not a job for my family to help me with. I needed somebody who understood fully. And you have been so loving and caring and sharing… I am just so grateful to God that He brought you into my/our life, and that your love is making my entire life more joyful, not just my home!”

- K. S. In Milwaukee

“Thank you for helping us make our house feel more like a home. We are very happy!”

- T. M. in West Bend

“I haven’t felt up to hosting an event in a long time and am beyond excited! Thanks for helping get the house back in my control so I could feel up to having people over.”

- K. B. in Hartford

“I just have to tell you... We had some friends over … "Wow"! Did you paint? Remodel? Look at the fireplace! Did you replace it? They just kept on talking about how great it looks.”

- S. P. in Germantown

“I hired Jen to help me purge and organize items in my basement that I always felt was a huge, daunting task. Jen completely helped me with my thought process on what to keep and purge. I learned how all items have a zone in your home to keep organized and never lose anything again. Now having an organized home has made me less stressed and motivated to keep everything that way. I have extra space now and more time available to do things I enjoy. Jen’s very professional, communication is excellent, and just a pleasure to work with!!!”

- M. S. In Richfield

"Today Jen came over to upgrade the looks of our fireplace.  She made the experience very reassuring and actually fun.  Her technique was done confidently and always checked with me for input.  What beautiful results after the project was complete and I know we will enjoy our new look for many years.  My favorite part was how she too was excited for us and that we were so pleased with the results.  Thanks Jen, for a wonderful upgrade and with such fantastic results!”

- T. H. In West Bend

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